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Our Process

Research – A Different Model

Rigorous and Evidence Driven Information Retrieval Techniques used together without reliance on one method only.

Knowledgefield works outside the traditional model of recruitment and search agencies, occupying a niche space in between traditional executive search agencies and your own internal recruiters, by working as a partner and extension of your in-house sourcing team.

In-depth Research + Sourcing + Engagement/Qualification


A Flexible Process:

You purchase either one or both of the packages below. We can split the calling and approaches with your team to share the burden or make all the approaches for you.

Stage 1 – Research Long Lists
Development of long separate lists of candidates and sources using publicly available information sourced through deep lateral searching, advanced Boolean search strings, social media searching and beyond.

Stage 2 – Full Market Mapping
Full Sourcing/Referral Process
Initial Candidate Engagement to qualify and establish interest


With the purchase of both stages, you receive a full list of interested candidates with biographical and contact details, ready for you to qualify/interview for a specific role or future candidates for upcoming roles. You also receive a list of sources which you can develop as contacts to attain insights for future roles. It is a transparent process and you also receive information on candidates who were not right or not interested – these candidates could be perfect for any of your upcoming roles. We don’t reuse information or rely on databases, every project is researched for you individually and from scratch.

Fees and Pricing

Finding the right talent for your company is at the heart of our business. We are not looking for a ‘quick fee’ or to just make a placement. Rather, we strive to create a long-lasting partnership with our clients, and to make a difference within the recruitment and search industry.

Our fees are based on an hourly rate and clients only ever pay for the amount of time taken to complete a project. Naturally, if you make more than one placement per assignment, and thereby add to your talent pool and build your database, then we are doing something right. We will always provide you with all targets and sources contacted, for you to use now or in the future. That’s our key to a lasting relationship with you.