Market Mapping

A top down overview of the marketplace, facilitating insight into who the market leaders are, and where they can be found.

Even companies with strong recruitment teams or in-house resourcing capability can benefit from ready access to an additional pre-qualified pool of candidates.

Market mapping answers a range of business challenges, allowing organisations and companies insight into the who’s who of the marketplace, identifying where industry leaders are currently working, and setting the foundations for approaches to the top talent.

For those roles which can’t be left vacant for long or ongoing skill shortage areas, this offers a comprehensive snapshot and complete visibility into your market by:

  • developing lists of target companies;
  • identifying key individuals and roles;
  • consolidating background and biographical details;
  • providing a framework for succession planning;
  • ensuring a diversification of employees’ experiential backgrounds;
  • addressing issues of gender imbalance on a board;
  • establishing charts comprising specific companies, names, titles, and reporting relationships, as well as more ephemeral insight, such as recent restructurings, hirings and departures.

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