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Candidate Research

Deploying a canny mix of conventional and specialised research tools and methodologies in identifying the very best candidates, ahead of time, every time.

Desk Research:

Boolean logic, field and keyword searching, x-ray and other advanced search methodologies are used in combination with primary research, phone-based research and online mining to obtain comprehensive summary, collation and synthesis of candidate data that is readily available in the public domain. (Sources of information might include social media, company websites, conference materials, speaker bios, annual reports, industry associations, online ‘hangouts’, and others.)

Candidate information is constantly synthesised and checked against variety of sources for currency.


Harvesting recommendations and observations from senior managers, industry experts and consultants targeted for their industry knowledge and access to networks.

Generate candidate lists of the highest quality, by drawing on objective third parties to find out “who knows whom” – literally from the source.

Name Generation

Phone sourcing, know in the game as primary research – that is using the telephone to gain information about a topic or person – is practiced by only a minority in the personnel sourcing community.

Accurate, valuable, reliable information requires highly developed verbal communication and lateral thinking skills.

True phone sourcing provides access to executives who are not locatable on the Internet where there is an imbalance of representation amongst industries.

Name generation based on original or custom research that is not database generated means results that are up-to-date, verified, and specific to each assignment and efficient.

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