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What We Do

Our research methods and expertise lets us/our clients:

  • identify the very best Executive Level Senior Managers, ensuring the highest calibre individuals for our clients
  • discover key, high-performing individuals with in-demand skills, that aren’t necessarily visible in the marketplace or actively looking for a career change
  • employ a systematic sourcing process that is used by top tier search firms to gain referrals and recommendations from industry experts on who in the market has the right skills.
  • draw on a second level of scrutiny for assurance on a candidate’s strength and relevant skill-set
  • gain an insight into the overall market, as a whole and at a glance, to ascertain what talent might be working for the competition
  • work in partnership with us/our clients, understanding that they are the best placed to understand their own culture, to do the interviewing and hiring and to retain control
  • create future security through talent pooling, allowing visibility into the market ahead of time, for critical, niche or senior level roles


  • managing the challenges of skills and talent shortages
  • assisting to make informed operational and talent decisions based on market intelligence (including market perception, salary, employ brand, social media buzz)
  • access to research methodologies used by top-tier search firms, but at a fraction of the price. (Fees are priced on a project by project basis, working on an hourly rate or fixed fee basis – a significant cost saving of 60 to 80 percent compared with executive search and selection firms,
  • integrity of process – complete transparency, regular updates, and no advertising

Who Would this Approach Suit?

  • Senior Roles above 200k,
  • Niche skills which are hard to find, or candidates not well connected to technology
  • Roles where confidentiality is essential (where someone is in the role already),
  • In situations where you don’t want to alert the market that you are recruiting – share price could depend on it, or you chose not to alarm your workforce or your competitors by drawing attention or making changes

The Process

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