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Case Study 1

Sector: Mining (Precious Metals)
Company Size: 1000 people, mines internationally including the world’s second largest open pit zinc mine
Project: Market Mapping for WA Senior Underground Mining Surveyors
Brief: Develop a list of senior underground mining surveyors.

Only 2-3 underground mining surveyors qualify in WA each year, these skills are highly sought after and very hard to find. Attaining an understanding of where these professionals currently worked meant that this client was able to locate and hire surveyors at very short notice. This becomes essential when these roles come up on a regular basis and means that a search process does not have to be conducted from the start each time.

Most underground miners work underground. A majority don’t have access to a phone, let alone the internet or an online footprint. Therefore their ability to find these people using traditional sources such as LinkedIn is significantly curtailed.
Using a list of 30 industry experts, consultants, educators and retired surveyors, we developed a list of 40 underground surveyors currently working in the WA mining industry. Along with this extensive insights into the professional skills and level of expertise was also attained. We were also able to advice our client on what they might do themselves to increase the skill levels and number of surveyors in the market each year.

Outcomes and Savings
This work resulted in our client saving the recruitment fees for up to xx appointments that year through conducting a single market mapping. This work enabled the client’s sourcing/recruitment team to contact and recruit for these senior roles several time, confident that the whole WA market had been mapped and they were contacting the most relevant and well regarded individuals for their roles.


Case Study 2

Sector: Financial Services
Company Size: 1300 FTE Australia wide
Based:Sydney/Melbourne, Australia
Project: Ongoing development of candidate and pipelining research reports for a range of senior roles above $300k

This client was in the process of restructuring their talent sourcing and recruitment team. Previous to this work, the recruitment team were responsible for much of the finding, sourcing, interviewing and recruitment. A consistent part of this work was also being outsourced to recruitment agencies at a significant cost per role. The recruitment workload for the team was heavy and the amount being spent on agencies was growing. The team was finding that their ability to search the market beyond the advertised search process was being limited owing to a scarcity of resources.

Using a research approach instead for some of their most important role took some pressure off the team and ensured that the whole market was being looked at (rather than just those who had applied via advertising).
The client developed a model whereby agencies continued with some of the roles, the internal team focused on advertised search, coordination and interview scheduling, and the research solution enabled a flow of the right candidates for important roles, as well as pipeline candidates for future roles. Using this mixed model, significant savings were achieved as well as a better and more relevant standard of candidates, along with the confidence that the whole market (including important competitors) were being tracked for both individual and future roles.


Case Study 3

Sector: Recruitment
Company Size: 11-50
Based: Melbourne, Australia
Market overview of a populated Melbourne Suburb. Include wide ranging statistics and demographics providing insight into the community and the businesses located there. Provided insights into employment in the area, the labour market and social media uptake.

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